søndag den 12. juli 2009

"He lives in a bejeweled, encrusted, embellished and bedizened 6 by 9 ft. room on 48th St., called The Jade Tower, with a ceiling of orchids and painted butterflies, a legendary lantern, tasseled silken hangings, golden ornaments, a vermilion floor, an American flag and two padlocks on the door. On his left hand he wears a genuine 43 karat pigeonblood ruby ring, in his bureau drawer he keeps the ingredients for his breakfast of three raw eggs and a pat of butter in his coffee, on his walls are his own thousand splendid fantastical paintings of nymphs in Oriental sunsets and under his bed his 9000 poems and writings entitled THE HYPNOTIZED MANDARIN and O LALLA PALLOO. A fragment of his composition follows:

O Inoy Ouno
O Heehus urche sfort rash
S O S urli findson litrash

which, by reading phonetically and unscrambling the spaces between words, translates:

O, I know, you know
He who searches for trash
So surely finds only trash"

- fra The Full Circle, Diane Arbus, bragt i Harper's Bazar 1961 (Jeg fandt det i Magazine Works)