fredag den 30. april 2010

Sometimes when it was warm, I came suddenly, I came suddenly to be there and to be exciting. It was worse than money.
Alright I will be natural.
B is for birthday baby and blessed.
S is for sweetie sweetie and sweetie.
Y is for you and u is for me and we are as happy as happy can be.
Returning to mutton that is to say to mention reforming.
What a cake. What a kindness. What a smell. What a shame. What a slight. What a sound. What a universal shudder. I will not be coerced. But I was. Was I. I was coerced. I see it.
I began saying that I had plenty of time and that I knew best. I said more things Sunday. Not Sunday to-day.
Perhaps that is too natural. The emphasis can be where you like.
If you had read the word the other way I wouldn't have minded.
I have forgotten what was mentioned.
A scene I remember very clearly was when we were coming home and we had no time to settle what we would tell was the reason that we were expected. No I don't like spending my time saying that we were so slovenly.
Reading is painful.
When one has not the habit of reading reading is not painful. One can read hands, one cannot compare that with reading a book. Either the one or the other is useful and both are so pleasing to the ear and the eye.
I have the eye but not the hand of an artist.
Calling out loud. Where you worried when they decided that silver was Italian. I knew jolly well that you weren't and it was foolish to leave me and hear it. Italian was silver of course Italian was silver. I mean that it was a wonderful resemblance. One morning and the evening before I argued with leaning very well, I argued about reverberating, I argued about pealing, I argued about challenges and repetitions and sorrows and shawls and lined leather coats and parts of examples and repeated leopards and collars and astonishing reasons. I argued before.
I remember a feather. I don't mean the three, I couldn't remember no I couldn't remember how beautiful and curlily the feather and the shape to a feather could come together. A shape to a feather can come together. Voilets and salt water.

Gertrud Stein, Useful Knowledge, 1928