søndag den 2. maj 2010

according to Kathy Acker

I write in the dizziness that seizes that which is fed up with language and attempts to escape through it: the abyss named fiction.

Who held Girdles wooed held the contemplative To Hand that which I'd take for Genuflections I take to genuflecting. Takes me by the Keel-Over busts my Hopen Fans Out Like a Muscle. Edible bivalve mollusc. EBb Reast lights the premises maddeningly live-matter feels no Hate no L. Go figure s envisage a clea beach r coast m odes d'efacement. Entire circuits tRipping on friction. A face slow ed Right-Down revs the Grooves of Gyration comma the Stitching of Thought comma the Very Temporary Safety of Skin. AStride alights. L- Keeps. Hail. In-Mouth. Regina!

Caroline Bergvall, Fig, 2005