torsdag den 13. august 2009

Céline siger:

I : Do you believe that this will go poorly for man? Tell us, if you will, how you see the immediate future.

C : If mankind doesn’t want to go to war, it’s very simple. They’ll say: “I’m not going.” But they have the desire to die; it’s a desire, there is misanthropy in man. For example, when you see an accident after it just happened, don’t believe that it was all involuntary. There is something inside there, something inside the vicious; it’s the people who really go into trees. Apparently a good man doesn’t get into his car saying “I’m going to hurry against a privet; but the want is there, of course, and I see this in myself on many occasions, parcticularly in surgeons, distinguished people. I see them driving their car, of course, in a quite suspicious way.